Commissioned Work

These pieces were made for clients. I made the work in consultation with each customer, responding to their desired imagery, materials and size requirements. If you have an idea for a commission, feel free to get in touch via email.

Taiyaki Kotaro.jpg

Taiyaki Kotaro, 2015.

If you haven't heard of taiyaki before, you are missing out! Gooey red-bean paste is sandwiched inside a crispy batter, in the shape of a (lucky) sea-bream. You can buy them in shopfronts where they are churned out by the dozen but Inoue-san, who runs Taiyaki Kotaro, makes each one by hand. He uses specialty made cast-iron presses, making them in view of customers in his shop in Nara-machi. 

I made this katazome washi lamp for him, a jolly sea bream jumping out of a sea of red-bean paste. It was a fun piece to make. When I visited Inoue-san two years later, he was still using the piece in his shop. You should visit if you're ever in the neighbourhood:

Magpie Noren for use in a tea-room, 2017

A linen noren featuring Australian magpies was made for an Australian tea-practioner and friend who studied Chado (tea ceremony) in Saga-prefecture, Japan. Saga prefecture also has a magpie as their emblem. This piece can be hung together as shown, to function as a noren curtain, or taken apart to become two seperate wall hangings. 

The pink pattern in the background is a nod to the wondrous warbly song of the Australian magpie - it is a sonogram (visual representation of sound) of their call. I'm always sneaking in extra details in my work.


Galah Wall-piece, 2018

This piece was commissioned by a Japanese family who had been living in Australia to remember their time spent in Canberra. The front layer is a sheer silk, dyed using the yuzen technique. The back layer is a heavier silk, depicting quintessential gumleaves in katazome.

When the two layers shift in the breeze, you get the impression of foliage waving around in the wind.

Australian Style Furoshiki, 2018

I was asked to dye some furoshiki wrapping cloths with Australian-style imagery for gifting overseas. I used katazome to dye patterns of eucalyptus leaves and budgerigars in flight to create these one-of-a-kind gifts.