Works shown here are dyed on freely hanging panels of fabric, semi-transparent silks and often layered to create interest. This is a unique approach to the traditional techniques of katazome and yuzen, normally reserved for dyeing kimono or to painting-like panel works. I like to let the works move and feel a little alive; you won't see a frame around here.

Narrabundah Hill, katazome & yuzen on silk organza and silk crepe. On display at Galerie H20 in Kyoto, Solo Exhibition 2017

Call of the Crimson Rosellas yuzen and katazome on vintage kimono silk, 2015

Floriferous - katazome and yuzen on two layers of silk, 2015

Scarlet Robin  yuzen on silk organza, natural dye from Eucalyptus and chemical dyes, 2015

Detail from the side of  Floriferous  - 2015

Detail from the side of Floriferous - 2015

A Swift Migration - yuzen and katazome. Graduation work from Masters Course at Kyoto Seika University , March 2015. 5.6 metres wide.

A Swift Migration (detail) yuzen and katazome on silk organza

Swift Parrot - two layers of silk, 2015

Canberra Blues - on show at Galerie H20, Kyoto 2015. yuzen and katazome on various silks.