COLOUR GAMES & Pigments of Place 

In 2018 I have been inspired and excited by local, foraged colour pigments. These are my experiments in collection of colour, playing with pigments and using them as a dye in the katazome technique. This colour palette represents my hometown area but every city would produce different colours. I'm really excited to see what colours exist in and around Kyoto.

"Tiny Museum of Natural Pigments" work in progress, 2018. Glass vials 2.5cm. Colours from rocks, soil, shells, ash.

Colour Games. Playing with collected colours on washi. 2018

Searching for colour in the landscape, 2018.

From found rock to pigment. 2018

"Dotterell Paradise" 2018. Katazome on Kozo. Earth Pigments and Gold Ink. 92 x 125cm. All colours were sourced only from my local area.

"Foliage: Cinerea" 2018. 38 x 50cm katazome on kozo using only local earth colours.

Detail of "Dotterell Paradise" 2018. These are all natural colours from rocks and ash.

"Tiny Museum of Natural Pigments" 2018 wooden box, glass vials, collected colours from stone, soil, ash, shells. An on-going experiment to document the colours of my local area.

"Tidbinbilla Series" 2018. Birds and Plants encountered during an Artist in Residence program 2017. All pigments are local colours. Katazome on kozo.

Mark-making using locally found colours mixed with soymilk on kozo paper.  This could be a really fun way to gather with a diverse group of people in Kyoto in "Colour Games" gatherings.