Tameshi Brooch - Katazome on Linen - Lavender Blue

Tameshi Brooch - Katazome on Linen - Lavender Blue


"Tameshi" means sample or trial piece in Japanese.

These unique, one-off jewellery pieces are made using sample dye swatches from various dyed artworks.
Once the piece is complete, the test swatches - mixed by eye- are no longer necessary.
But they are beautiful objects in themselves so what better way to use them than show them off?

These fabrics are all silk or linen. Some reveal details of yuzen technique or katazome but mostly they are a showcase of colour!

This is a big bold brooch featuring a linen katazome sample in a blue-ish mauve and soft blue/teal leaf pattern.
The wooden backing is smooth and lightweight.

brooch measures 5.5cm wide x approx 8mm thick

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